Worm Facts


  • Eisenia Retida: aka red wigglers, compost worms, manure worms, or red worms. 
  • Life span: typically 3 - 5 years, but one study found a 13-year old worm. 
  • A worm can lay about 5 cocoons per week. Each cocoon has 2-3 worms.
  • Cocoon hatch after about 45 days. Baby worms become adult breeders after about two months. 
  • 1 pound of redworms (approx. 1000 worms) can create 10 pounds of red worms in 3-5 months, when in optimal conditions. 
  • Worm castings are worm manure. 
  • Worm castings are ideal for making liquid extracts, providing enormous populations of microbes that help soils and plants to thrive.  
  • Our Vermicompost also makes an ideal compost tea inoculant, providing all the benefits of castings, plus enormous microbial populations and diversity.
  • One pound of Red Wigglers will turn approximately 7 pounds of food waste per week into a rich vermicompost. 

(More to come.)