Our Story


Delta Worms breeds and sells red (composting) worms to vermiculture minded parties. We provide continuing education and training on the benefit of vermiculture to the environment and sustainability of our waste system. 

Vermiculture is the process of using worms to decompose organic matter into a nutrient-rich material capable of sustaining plant growth. This organic matter includes leaves, grasses, foodwaste, and manures. This method is simple, effective, convenient, and noiseless. It saves water, energy, landfill space, and rebuilds soil.  In general, individuals interested in vermiculture are gardeners, urban farmers, or zero wasters. 

Delta Worms provides educational training or on-site experiences which includes Worm Farm Tours, DIY Classes and guest speakers.


Delta Worms, established in 2017, is a vermiculture business nestled among the Delta farming communities in Brentwood, CA. Our founder, Chris Choate, is a civil engineer with 35 years of experience in waste management. Chris spearheaded the highly successful establishment of Recology’s industrial food and yard waste composting program for the city of San Francisco. 

While visiting a friend’s goat farm in Galt during the wet winter of 2017, Chris found a barn full of goat manure. Where others might see waste, Chris and eventually his high friend Robin, saw worm and plant food. The two contacted a nearby commercial worm farm, PJ Dunn Working Red Worms, for guidance and worms……