The voracious red worm 

eats its weight in food daily. 

Worm castings teem with 

soil microbes and nutrients - 

nature’s best plant fertilizer. 


We harness the worm's power 

to make healthy soil from organic waste -

without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

We envision self-reliant communities regenerating soil

to grow food and farm carbon.


For growers, we supply 

castings, extracts, and amended soils. 

 For beginning worm farmers, we provide 

worms, consultation, and education. 



Delta Worms has its roots in the California Delta. Our founder, Chris Choate, is an environmental engineer with 4 decades experience managing industrial organic waste programs. A biotechnology visionary, he spearheaded San Francisco’s food and yard waste program, the first, large-scale municipal composting program in the US. Before retiring from Recology in 2016, he served as Director of Sustainability and Technology.


On a spring 2017 visit to a friend’s farm in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Chris was shown a goat barn in need of cleaning. Where others saw waste, Chris envisioned worms building soil from goat manure. He began research into large-scale vermiculture operations. 


He partnered with Freddie Lewis, colleague and friend from Recology, touring worm farms and interning at PJ Dunn Working Red Worms in Galt and Black Diamond Worms in Paso Roble. By the fall of 2017, the two returned to the goat farm to tend worms. 

Today, Delta Worms consults vermiculture operations at the Recology Jepson Prairie Facility (2 acres) and operates worm farms at the Urban Edge Farm (½ acre), First Generation Farmers (¼ acre), and River Valley Kikos (1/10 acre).